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Beckett's Tavern

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Am I a professional TTRPG writer?



Is this the website where I advertise my services as a professional writer of libretti and plays?



Should I mention that I'm also an award-winning amateur TTRPG writer?


Maybe not?

But I'm doing it. Because frankly, I really enjoyed writing a one-shot adventure about what would happen if a party of adventurers found themselves being asked whether their lives of exploring dungeons and killing dragons really had any meaning, just because a friend made a passing joke.

You can read the adventure here - and play it with your friends!

Grand Prize Winner: Saga Forge Scribe, Spring 2020

"BECKETT’S TAVERN took all the tropes and turned them on their ears. The characters have CHARACTER and the problem-solving, creativity, and humor charmed me. It had all of the E’s: ENTERTAINMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION and by focusing on another E —Existentialism— it really had something to say. " - Clint McElroy, The Adventure Zone

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