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Come Bargain With Uncanny Things (Tête à Tête, 30/07/2021 & 01/08/2021)

Come Bargain With Uncanny Things 2.jpg

An interactive, immersive opera in which you come and bargain with uncanny things.

After We Sing/I Sang developed the core tools and improvisational structures, my ongoing work in creating truly immersive, interactive opera was ready to go to the next level: giving the audience total freedom within a world of the company's creation.


My love of the fantastical wyrd (futuristic or magical) has become rather public since 2020, and this show was no exception. A central question early on was "how can you make a world in which the performers must sing, but the audience don't have to?"

Answer: because this is a supernatural ritual. From there spawned an alternate London of eldritch creatures making bargains from the shadows, and a caste of bargainers touching these taboo things under the supervision of cautious locals - our audience.

“an original, atmospheric, immersive role-play opera with real promise.” (Four stars)

- The Stage

It was fascinating to see what different audiences did - you can see one version below, but each audience took a very different approach, choosing to tackle different problems and make different bargains with the uncanny thing.

We're currently fundraising to bring the show back in 2022, so if you want to support that, or otherwise keep updated and get involved, do get in touch.

Thanks to everyone at Tête à Tête and Knaive Theatre, and to the wonderful team of Erika Gundesen (Music Director), CN Lester (Singer), and Will Davies (Singer), joined together for this latest bout of interactive opera. Thanks also to Charley Ipsen, who designed the superb Uncanny Thing costume.

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