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Role: Director

Performances: Waterloo East, London (2017)

Collaborators: Anne-Sophie Marie (Writer), Daniel Julian, Carmina Bernhardt, Paul Rodgers


I met Anne-Sophie at a Young Vic writer/director speed dating event. I asked to read some of her scripts, then she invited me to direct this one - a dark comedy about someone in therapy for an eating disorder.


I like dark comedy. I like work that engages with the world around us. I really liked this piece. With our wonderful cast, we created a piece that shifted between reality, fantasy, and memory, naturalistic theatre and absurd religious ritual, and got plenty of laughs on the way.


The durian fruit scene will remain a glorious memory. If you don’t know what a durian is, imagine a pineapple that reeks of trash. And then imagine Anne-Sophie utilising all the comic potential of that fruit. It was wonderful.

"My mother stole her first camembert before she could even walk..."

- Empty, Anne-Sophie Marie

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