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Gazing In, Gazing Out (Song in the City)


Role: Director

Performance: St. Boltoph’s Without Bishopsgate, London (2017)

Collaborators: Mairi Grewar, 


After Lieder, Leaders, & Lovers, I was asked to direct another semi-staged song concert by Mairi Grewar. She’d already chosen a mix of songs from across Europe (this was a few months after the Brexit vote), and wanted me to give some visual shape to the show.


It was really nice to get a project that allowed me to develop some of what I’d done in Lieder, Leaders, & Lovers - a minimalist staging where the same props - a stick, a ribbon, and a chair - were reinvented across the show as swords, cloaks, and other devices; where the main tool for showing relationships was mere positioning.


For those who ask ‘have you ever directed her?’, this remains the only time I’ve ever directed Mimi in a show.

“In the current political climate, it is more important than ever to understand the role multi-culturalism plays in art and society”

- Mairi Grewar

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