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Living In Meatspace


Role: Writer

Performances: Unperformed


I submitted this for the London Student Drama Festival in 2015.

At the time, this was my first attempt to make something that mixed forms - half the piece took place online, where people’s online avatars danced, sang, and otherwise performed their activity. The rest took place in a semi-naturalistic version of meatspace.


I was told by one of the judging panel that it would have won, but others felt the stage directions were too prescriptive to give actors (who were also going to be judged in the final round) a chance to exhibit themselves. Which seems reasonable, and so the piece was never performed.


It’s aged fairly well, considering how the internet’s changed since then. If a tale of trolls, tumblrinas, and artifice appeals, let me know.

“The Meatspace characters open their devices simultaneously; the lights crackle onto the Avatars”

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