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Welcome to the Sprawl; an urban labyrinth of smog, lights, and strange noises in the dark. Some can remember a time when there was law and virtuous order; others just try avoid being noticed by the omnipresent surveillance.  And others are planning on bringing it all down, and restoring the old certainties by any means necessary.

Macbeth. Shakespeare’s tragedy about the earthly struggle between the forces of order and chaos; the order of law, nature, innocent virtue,  legitimate power, and light, and the chaos of tyranny, illegitimate violence, falsity and madness, corrupted nature, and darkness. Macbeth, the Lady, and all the other characters wander within that system in an increasingly uncertain and unreal world, while those below suffer the consequences. Ultimately, order wins out, but only after compromises with the dark.

In short, it is a cyberpunk world of paranoia, confusion, pollution, claustrophobia, and strange bargains. This production used a cyberpunk Macbeth to enhance the play.

Alas, it was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. Further updates will come.

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