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Please Hire Me

Really, the title says it. But with Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2023 ending (where I am marketing director), I’d like to remind people that I can be hired for stuff.

I direct! Operas new and modern, Shakespeare, interactive and immersive work, comedy…

I write! Words for operas, plays, song lyrics, critical reflections on shows, and original interactive immersive theatre…

I assist! Mostly in opera so far, but theatre too!

I dramaturge! Especially new operas and interactive or immersive theatre…

I make sound-alikes! If your imagined world needs a national anthem or post-apocalyptic pop music, or something else entirely…

I market! For very reasonable rates, I can help sell shows, or do consultancy to advise you on ways to sell them…

I teach! I’ve trained actors, librettists, singers…

I’m tired! I’ve been trying to do this for almost a decade (and don’t anybody dare reply to this with the pat, generic ‘oh, you’re doing so well, we all struggle sometimes’; I’m wise enough to know where I’m doing well and where I need things to change), and I need more people to hire me.

So if you want to hire me to do something, I’m likely interested.

But if I can help you, get in touch.

A person in a black suit with a white shirt, arms folded, shoulder-length black hair and glasses. It is Leo Doulton.
I even have a face.


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