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What We Need: Five Bargains For Come Bargain’s Future

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I am firmly of the opinion that a good approach to funding is to state what you need, and roughly what it should cost.

So, since quite a few of you lot seem to want Come Bargain With Uncanny Things to come back, here’s what we’re looking for:


This version of the show cost (ballparking it) about £15,000 to put on.

That’s with fees much lower than I’d like (I hope that’s at least partly been accepted because it’s an interesting project), a total design budget of £500 (Charley Ipsen is very good at their job), and various other bits of “look, we’re a business running a pilot” cutting corners (worst, a venue that is not fully wheelchair accessible).

Over a longer run, with the kind of sales we’ve seen this week, we could make a very reasonable amount of money.

So what we’re looking for is enough to get the wheels turning — maybe even in the form of a loan. £5000 would give the upfront capital to secure… well, the stuff that’s next on this list.


Because I want to split the workload.

Quite a lot.

This has been a strain. I am producing to save money, but it means I am splitting my attention across more jobs than I’d like, and I reckon a producer would do the budgeting/administrative side of the job more efficiently than I can.

They cost money though.

If you’re into this kind of project, do get in touch. While we’re not hiring yet, it’s good to be aware of people who might be on the horizon.

Marketing Team

As above.

I am a professional marketer for fringe opera. But it takes a lot of time, and I know that there’s things I could be doing better.

So again, if you like running marketing for fringe arts organisations, do feel free to write to Virtually Opera and let us know you’re maybe interested.

This one’s less essential-essential than a producer, but would be nice.


We want a venue that’s fully accessible and adaptable. Also cheap.

Maybe an unused bit of retail space? We’ve got another recession incoming, so I assume there’ll be some available.


That’s the thing we’re really pleased we now have.

Thank you.

If you can help with any of the above, let us know.

Four people sit around a table in a dark room.
The core cast of Come Bargain With Uncanny Things


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