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Come Bargain With Uncanny Things 2.jpg

“an original, atmospheric, immersive role-play opera with real promise.” ★★★★

- The Stage

Work in Progress sharing at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2021

Britten Pears Creative Retreat (2 week residency), 2022

Sell-out 2022 run of Come Bargain With Uncanny Things at COLAB Tavern

"The best time I've had in YEARS at an interactive show... easy to follow but deep and incredibly reactive." - Tom Black, co-creator of Crisis? What Crisis?

Praise for previous Virtually Opera productions

“an original, atmospheric, immersive role-play opera with real promise.” ★★★★

- The Stage

“the best time I've had in YEARS at an interactive show... easy to follow but incredibly reactive” ★★★★★

- Tom Black, co-creator,

Crisis? What Crisis?

“boundless in opportunity for audience improvisation/ interactivity.”

- NoProscenium

Virtually Opera is a fusion opera company making beautiful entertainment. If you're considering supporting us, here's some more information about our recent projects to help persuade you

Most Recent Project: Come Bargain With Uncanny Things

An interactive immersive opera, in which the audience were members of a community resolving their issues through eldritch bargains and negotiating with the strange and powerful Uncanny Thing.

It is (artistically) an exploration of how we relate to our community and wider world and (practically) a chance to feel like you're doing magic, which is really fun.

Past Projects

We Sing/I Sang

The Perfect Opera

The Left Fang

Virtually Opera, Series 1 & 2

Planned Projects

1. Bringing Come Bargain With Uncanny Things back, revised through everything we learnt in the first run. Possibly turning it into an ongoing story set in the same community, allowing audience members to build relationships with one another and their community.

2. Developing a small-scale show for touring, likely drawing on our tools for interactive opera. Possible touchstones might be more urban fantasy and cosmic horror, or more tender relationships.

3. An immersive combination of opera, urban fantasy, and Paradise Lost, with the audience waging the ongoing War In Heaven.

4. Another comic opera, along the lines of our 2019 Edinburgh Fringe sell-out The Perfect Opera.

5. A monthly serial show, mixing opera, games and sports, and above all: a place for a regular audience to come together, build community, and see great shows. Possibly hosting other new show-makers with a similar audience-focused mission. 

Read more about Virtually Opera here.


- DesignMyNight, based on 21 audience reviews


"Uncannily enjoyable. Wyrdly entertaining. Unsettling wholesome. Good excuse to wear black lipstick. I would go back."


"The most exciting and engaging theatre experience I've ever been a part of."

"We immediately booked to see it again in the taxi on the way home."

“Was this opera?... I enjoyed the experience.”

- LondonTheatre1

“experimental, challenging, innovative work.” ★★★★


“an elemental and intuitive experience… a truly affecting performance”

- OperaWire

Invited to Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival, Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2020, and Knaïve Theatre’s Digital Lyceum to present We Sing/I Sang, reaching hundreds of people.

"A very serious attempt to conquer the comic opera genre."

- The Wee Review, The Perfect Opera

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