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The Left Fang

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Roles: Director, Writer

Performances: Available for free online since 2018

Collaborators: Peter Davis (Composer), Jesse Davis, Will Sharma, Patricia Auchterlonie, Holly Brown (Singers)


London: a city of the rich and powerful, and of their prey.


The Left Fang was spawned after Peter and I discovered a mutual love of sci-fi and fantasy, were rejected for one very serious application, and decided to make a B-movie opera instead.


We ended up with a story about vampires, a resistance movement, and mysterious gods. It’s arguably an allegory for inequalities in the UK, but mostly it’s a fantastical thriller.


I particularly enjoyed working on this one, because I made the story using random processes based on Vampire: Requiem. As the first three episodes emerged, Peter and I had no idea what was coming next. We certainly weren’t expecting a god character to appear so soon.


But we had a lot of fun making the fight scene with the fiendishly talented Patricia and Will, and the range of special effects and mood-setting that film made possible.

“My dear lieutenant, my dear, my dear…
Can’t you hear it?
They are drawing near.”

- Red Joker

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