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The Perfect Opera (2019)

Robin Horgan (Macbeth) Rosalie Warner (C

Taking this sketch comedy opera to the Edinburgh Fringe and Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival was the culmination of a personal quest to create a modern comic opera - one with more Python than Donizetti in its DNA. I'd like to think that we succeeded.

We certainly succeeded in presenting the first ever relaxed performances of an opera at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and the delight of some young neurodiverse people afterwards made it all worth it - as did the daily audience laughter.

Did it get the press attention I'd hoped for? No. But this is a show designed to tour and create a genuinely popular opera, so I'm hoping to bring it back. 


If you want to read more in the meantime, there's this section on the website, or you can watch a film of the London show for free right now!

“A very serious attempt to conquer the comic opera genre.”

- The Wee Review

“really very good:  humorous, clever with some great music and lyrics, clear diction and wonderful singing.”

- Audience Feedback

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