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The Perfect Opera, Summer 2019

Rosalie Warner - The Camel - The Perfect

Love! Death! And a pantomime camel!

After extensive audience research, we listed the 47 things people demanded in operas, and shoehorned them into this show.


The show opens with three singers and their conductor asking the audience what should go into a ‘perfect’ opera. Audience research shows that it needs a classic story, and to be completely original, so Macbeth enters, riding a camel. It needs a love story, and they are deeply in love. And it needs a female character who is strong/empowered/evil/mad/magic, so Lady Macbeth finds out and pursues absurd vengeance.

With drag queens, ballet scenes, and social relevance (but not forcing ideas down your throat), this hip hop foxtrot operatic sketch comedy show is (technically) The Perfect Opera.


Cast (in order of appearance):

The Conductor: Erika Gundesen

Macbeth: Robin Horgan

The Camel: Rosalie Warner

Lady Macbeth: Sam Dewese

Piano (London): Michelle Santiago

Piano (Edinburgh): Beth Jerem

Clarinet: Louis Stanhope

Composer: Peter Davis

Director/Writer: Leo Doulton

BBC Music Magazine Choice of the Month

“A perfect Fringe hour”

- Audience feedback

“Creative storytelling at its best... beautifully sung, well orchestrated and fun.”

- The Audience Club

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