Theatre And Comedy Directing

I started directing with a sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and I’ve been doing comedy and new writing ever since. I’ve directed at the Bloomsbury Theatre, Camden People’s Theatre, and Waterloo East, working with sketch, standup, new plays, and cabaret.

Press Photo At the Break of Dawn - Reuni

This broad sweep of work includes cabarets written by victims of the Holocaust, the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award nominee At The Break Of Dawn, and the clown play A Speaks. What unites these works?


An element of unreality. Whether it’s a heightened version of our reality, the stylised lyricism of Shakespeare, or absurd food fanatics, I’m always drawn to pieces that show the audience something beyond the everyday world. This has allowed me to work with clowns, musical theatre singers, comedians and academics, and I wouldn’t have missed any of it.


Sometimes a distorting lens draws attention to the important bits.

“Extraordinarily well done”

- Saarbrücker Zeitung,

At The Break Of Dawn

“A privilege to behold”

- Savage Magazine,

Theatre In The Theresienstadt Ghetto