Theatre And Comedy Writing

My writing has been performed in the UK, Germany, and Canada, mixing all the different influences from my work in comedy, opera, and theatre. I’ve written plays with elements of clowning, improvisation, and dance, and more sketch comedy than I care to think of.

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I also co-wrote At The Break Of Dawn with Carlotta Ipsen, which was nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award, and had plays shortlisted for the Karl Kraus Award and the London Student Drama Festival.


When writing, I spend a long time finding the best form to explore the piece’s core ideas. I believe that a play’s subject matter isn’t just explored through the events onstage, but how those events are presented. A piece about the countryside shouldn’t have the same sense of time as a play about the city, and a piece about the internet shouldn’t only show the meatspace material world.


It turns out that most things about theatre are choices - people can play multiple characters, or speak an imaginary language, or not talk at all. Given infinite freedom, asking ‘what’s this actually about?’ is my favourite way to narrow those infinite choices down to something manageable and fun.

“A wonderful creative exploration”

- Audience feedback,

A Speaks

“Opens one’s horizons”

- Neue Westfälische,

At The Break Of Dawn