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Theatre In The Theresienstadt Ghetto


Role: Director

Performances: Bloomsbury Theatre, London (2015)

Collaborators: Lisa Peschel, Michael Berkowitz, Charley Ipsen, Tim Frith, Hayden Munt, Charlotte Nohavicka, Roísa Anne, Grace Arnold


My first directing role (outside a university club): a set of cabarets written by Holocaust victims about their situation.


In short, about the easiest thing in the world to do tastelessly or offensively. But with the help of Dr Lisa Peschel and Professor Michael Berkowitz, I chose a set of cabaret sketches that reflected the diversity of the Theresienstadt Ghetto’s humour, found a cast, and put something together that was, in Michael’s words, ‘very Mel Brooks’, with Nazis waltzing to rewritten Strauss.


It was a privilege to put this show on - I hope, when I’m older and wiser, to return to these texts once again.

“Ladies and gentlemen, come laugh with us again…”

“A small collective creating something meaningful… the talent of the production was watched in silent awe”

- Roar News

“A privilege to behold”

- Savage Magazine

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