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Virtually Opera, Series 2

Roles: Director

Performances: Available for free online since 2018

Collaborators: Rosalie Warner, Alessia Naccarato, Alex Bork, Mairi Grewar, Crystal Tunnicliffe, Nick Bonadies


This was a continuation of the ideas behind Virtually Opera, Series 1, with a particular focus on trying to create a series with a distinct visual identity, and playing more with ‘natural’ film contexts like news broadcasts and vlogs. With the help of Alessia, Rosalie, and Alex, I was able to continue exploring the possibilities of the operatic camera.


It was also exciting to have music from the early cinematic era, which was closer to film music and (particularly in the case of the Strauss) film plots with its through-composed structure. It provided a very different challenge to the ‘oh no, they’re singing that bit again!’ of the classical material of Series 1.


The flagship of Series 2 was undoubtedly The Left Fang, however - a brand new opera written for Virtually Opera.


What did I learn from Series 2? That the concept definitely works, and we’re ready to start fundraising. If you want to get involved, or offer support, please do get in touch!

“I love the concept. I think it will help opera reach new audiences.”

- Artist feedback

“an imaginative group which explores and extends the world of opera while still celebrating the field for what it has been and what it is currently.”

- Artist feedback

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