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We Sing, I Sang


This show, presented at Talos 2019 Science Fiction Theatre Festival, was the final show I did that year, and like The Perfect Opera it wove together some of the major strands of my artistic life so far.

Drawing on my experiences within classical music, improvisation, Noh theatre, and my more recent encounters with game-based theatre, I created a loose structure telling the story of a collective consciousness travelling across the stars, leaving their world behind. The audience chose the path we took - what was the crisis that forced them to leave? What was their civilisation like? What did they do during the crisis?

Thanks to Hannah Gardiner and Rosalie Warner's talented viola-playing and singing, it became a beautiful, ritualistic performance that I was delighted to end the year on.

I'm hoping to bring it back very soon and share it with more people - it is, perhaps, the most beautiful thing I made in 2019, and a refreshing breath after a year of comedy and political drama.

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