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Archive from Another World

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I wrote this hypertext novel when I was on my MA at Guildhall, still reeling from the gulf between my undergraduate degree in History with its focus on cultures and broad trends, and popular history's focus on individual heroes, which seemed to mirror the individualistic protagonists of blockbuster movies.

It was described by one examiner as "like handling jelly" and the other as "a combination of Ursula Le Guin and Being Human". Given that Le Guin is one of my favourite authors and major influences, this was rather flattering. It was nice to write something striking enough to actually divide opinion.

It's taken years to find a tool that would allow me to present it in a more manageable form. Twine offered it.

It is a tale of two rival historians in times of change. It is the stories and poetry of a world a mirror's breadth away. It is a puzzle that only you can find your answer to.

So click on, and enjoy your time in the Archive from Another World.

UPDATE, January 2022: The Archive finally found a home over at Voidspace Magazine, Issue 1. Read it there as well, alongside some other excellent pieces.

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