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Mission Statement | Five Year Plan  

I founded Virtually Opera in order to explore cinematically-filmed opera. In an age of livecasts and music videos, I wanted to make work that adapted opera for the screen like the musicals I loved watching as a child. Since 2014, we've:

- made a new hiphop foxtrot sketch comedy opera, which was BBC Music Magazine Choice of the Month

- Presented the first ever relaxed performances of an opera at the Edinburgh Fringe.

- made films of classic arias for Series 1 and Series 2 

- reinvented the Liederabend as a way to explore aesthetic philosophy

- used tabletop roleplaying mechanics to write a vampire B-movie opera with Peter Davis 

I think we’re making progress - you can watch a selection of videos here, whether you want to see mournful clowns, vainglorious composers, or the anti-vampire resistance. Head over to our YouTube channel for more!

We're currently working on a new show - We Sing/I Sang, which mixes opera with tabletop roleplaying games, Noh theatre, and science fiction - you can see a first draft of the script below!

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