Strange & Fun Things

Some things don't fit under any of the other categories on this website - mostly my work as a game designer, writer of soundalikes, and such things. And therefore this page exists.

"BECKETT’S TAVERN took all the tropes and turned them on their ears. The characters have CHARACTER and the problem-solving, creativity, and humor charmed me. It had all of the E’s: ENTERTAINMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION and by focusing on another E —Existentialism— it really had something to say. " - Clint McElroy, The Adventure Zone



We Have A Situation

A trio of imagined national anthems for warring countries in Parabolic Theatre's show. Read More >>

We Sing:I Sang Tete a Tete Image.jpeg

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I am a great enthusiast of TTRPGs, as player, GM, and designer. You can find my games elsewhere on the internet, delving into strange rituals and tales. Read More >>