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Games & Interactive Theatre

Since 2020, I have been working as a game designer, with a particular interest in interactive theatre and playing as a way to build communities between the players. This work has included my own interactive operas, such as Come Bargain With Uncanny Things, and work for others, such as the national anthems for Parabolic Theatre's imagined countries in We Have A Situation.

To me, the delight of play is that, with the right rules, you can guide people to experience something they'd never encounter otherwise. Whether that's Come Bargain's rituals, inviting people to consider how they relate to one another and the world, or my interactive novel Archive From Another World letting people examine different forms of history. Above all, interactive theatre's invitation to play together excites me, and I am looking forward to future projects. 


We Sing:I Sang Tete a Tete Image.jpeg

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

I am a great enthusiast of TTRPGs, as player, GM, and designer. You can find my games elsewhere on the internet, delving into strange rituals and tales. Read More >>


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Come Bargain With Uncanny Things (2022)

The finished version of Come Bargain With Uncanny Things, an interactive immersive opera in which you come and bargain with uncanny things. Read More >>


We Sing_I Sang 3.jpg
We Sing_I Sang 3.jpg

We Sing/I Sang

A new improvised opera about collectives and individuality, drawing on Noh theatre, science fiction, and game-based theatre at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival. Read More >>

Wooden Desk.JPG
Wooden Desk.JPG

Archive From Another World

An imagined history about a world torn apart by a fight over its own archives, told through the articles of its scholars and the archive itself. Read More >>

"BECKETT’S TAVERN took all the tropes and turned them on their ears. The characters have CHARACTER and the problem-solving, creativity, and humor charmed me. It had all of the E’s: ENTERTAINMENT, ENLIGHTENMENT, EDUCATION and by focusing on another E —Existentialism— it really had something to say. " - Clint McElroy, The Adventure Zone


Come Bargain With Uncanny Things 2.jpg
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Come Bargain With Uncanny Things (2021)

An interactive, immersive opera in which the audience tried to save their local area through rituals of bargaining with a supernatural creature. Read More >>


We Have A Situation

A trio of imagined national anthems for warring countries in Parabolic Theatre's show. Read More >>

We Sing:I Sang Tete a Tete Image.jpeg
We Sing:I Sang Tete a Tete Image.jpeg

Beckett's Tavern

Winner of the SagaForge Adventures writing prize, this one-shot takes the trope of 'the adventurers arrive in a tavern, ' and asks: "what if Beckett wrote this?" Read More >>

“the best time I've had in YEARS at an interactive show... easy to follow but incredibly reactive” ★★★★★

- Tom Black, co-creator, 

Crisis? What Crisis?

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