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At The Break Of Dawn

At the Break of Dawn - Rosa (Carlotta Ip

Role: Co-Director and Co-Writer 

Performances: Tour across the UK and Germany, 2015

Collaborators: Charley Ipsen (Co-Director and Co-Writer), Tim Frith, Hayden Munt


Charley Ipsen, of Theatre in the Theresienstadt Ghetto and Gower Rangers, invited me to work with them on a touring production, on any work. After reading lots of plays, we decided to write our own - a tale of three revolutionaries trying to start a revolution with a computer programme.


Spoiler: they all decide to abandon the plan.


This was my first real experience of touring - its stresses and joys. We got nominated for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award at Edinburgh, which was nice, but the real benefit was learning how to spend so long with one team and make it work.


It made the next Festivals much easier - and made me promise myself that I’d only return to the Edinburgh Fringe when I had a show that would do even better.

“They’d hate us. And they’re probably right to do so. We can make people collapse the government without even asking them.”

“Extraordinarily well done”

- Saarbrücker Zeitung

“Opens one’s horizons”

- Neue Westfälische

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