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In addition to my creative work, I work as a marketing consultant for fringe arts projects. I’m keen to work with all kinds of small shows, whether operas, musicals, or beyond categorisation. I particularly enjoy working with artists to find what they think is their unique selling point so we can create a campaign that reflects the show as they see it, aimed at the people they want to reach. 


I have been working for Tête à Tête since 2018, becoming Marketing Director in 2020, continuing to offer advice and support to Festival artists. Navigating Covid-19, helping run the first live opera performance since lockdown, and writing the company's 2020 Inclusion Report have all been excellent challenges.


With some clients I have run a full marketing campaign, while others have only wanted a few hours’ advice and support. On average, they see a 10% increase in sales. Get in touch, and we’ll develop a strategy to suit your needs.

"Leo in general was brilliant, wonderfully supportive!”

- Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival participant

"Marvellous... encouragement and critical thinking"

- Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival participant

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