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I am currently researching international through-sung drama. In short, any onstage form where the performers sing all the time, whether opera, musicals, Noh, or something else. I'm particularly interested in why people bother singing - something that came up in Lieder, Leaders, & Lovers.

Through Virtually Opera, I have an ongoing research interest in cinematically-filmed opera, both as a practitioner and as a researcher.


During my undergraduate degree, I had the chance to research lots of different bits of opera's history. This has proven very useful when working on operas old and new.

Papers include:

2022 - Man & God - A Kodachrome Musical: exploring historic treatment of dementia through musical theatre. Quo Vadis, University College London

2021 - Paranoia and Potentialities - Notes Towards A Cyberpunk Macbeth, from Presentism to Futurism. British Shakespeare Association, University of Surrey

2019 - The Tsar Wants His Photograph Taken As Practice-Based Research. Wiener Library

2019 - Frankenstein’s Donster: Reinventing Don Giovanni with the Arcola Queer Collective. OBERTO, Oxford Brooks

2019 - Shakespeare as Shared Myth: Reimagining Shakespeare As Operatic Entertainment. Shakespeare and Co., University of York/Shakespeare International Festival

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