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Still Magic, Still Tragic

Still Magic, Still Tragic 1.jpg

Role: Writer

Performances: London Transport Museum, London (2017)

Collaborators: Monika Dalach (Composer), Stephanie Foster, Anastasia Golovina, Dinis Pinto, Chris Head, WorkshOPERA


While at Guildhall, WorkshOPERA asked for volunteers to write site-specific pieces for the London Transport Museum. I was lucky enough to be paired with Monika Dalach, who I’d wanted to work with since hearing her work for the London Contemporary Dance School.


She had an intriguing idea for a work set on the underground, where people passed each other and didn’t speak. Writing words for live voices and electronic voices was a new challenge, forcing me to think about the relationship between the speaker and their electronic ghost.


I think I did a decent job. At the very least, Monika’s still talking to me.

"Speak to me..."

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