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Student Comedy

Role: Writer, Director, Performer


Where it all began…


As I’ll tell anyone who asked, I started seriously writing and directing in student comedy. My sketches have been performed at the Bloomsbury Theatre, the Edinburgh Fringe, and an assortment of dismal bars, while I’ve directed various sketch shows, including The Gower Hour (2013), The Gower Line (Bloomsbury Theatre, 2014), and Gower Rangers (Edinburgh Fringe, 2014). I was also in charge of UCL Comedy Club’s sketch comedy for a year.


I learnt a lot from this. How to make a show on the cheap. How to concoct an overall show out of lots of separate little bits. How important it is to be courteous to your colleagues, because we were anything but. The feedback I was given doing student comedy is why I stopped performing. (I should note that it was given by two people I’m now privileged to consider good friends).


In the interests of total honesty, I’d like to admit that some reviews were great, some were dreadful, and one still makes me laugh.


“The cast is made up of five girls and a token boy.”


It remains the only time I’ve ever been accused of tokenism. 

“The cast is made up of five girls and a token boy.”

- EdFringe Review

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