Well done.

You've come to the right page - the list of ten projects I'm either working on developing, or would really like to. If they're of interest, do say.

1. Fundraising for Come Bargain With Uncanny Things to return in 2022.

2. Milton's Paradise Lost, as a three-handed tragedy.

3. Translating Der Rosenkavalier so it's as funny and beautiful as the original (wouldn't say no to directing said opera either).

4. Commissioning a composer for my Hotspur-Kate focused operatic adaptation of Henry IV Part 1, The Percys' Opera (a spiritual sequel to The Perfect Opera in its metatheatricality).

5. Adapting 'This Is How You Lose The Time War' into an opera.

6. Finishing 'Our People's Song', a TTRPG to allow people to make opera at home; they're the same tools as Come Bargain With Uncanny Things and We Sing/I Sang use.

7. More work in immersive, interactive theatre, whether writing unique soundscapes, scripts, or performing.

8. Training more in Noh theatre, ideally in Japan, and doing more Noh-influenced work.

9. Staging Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett.

10. Having time to delve more into writing wyrd fiction and operas.

And, of course, you tell me - what have I missed that you think I'd be well-suited for? (I'd love to do anything in musical theatre).

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