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The Perfect Opera, Summer 2019

Robin Horgan (Macbeth, The Perfect Opera

Full biographies to be announced.

Cast (in order of appearance):

The Conductor: Erika Gundesen

Macbeth: Robin Horgan

The Camel: Rosalie Warner

Lady Macbeth: Sam Dewese

Piano (London): Michelle Santiago

Piano (Edinburgh): Beth Jerem

Clarinet: Louis Stanhope

Composer: Peter Davis

Director/Writer: Leo Doulton

Supporters and Patrons

The Fenton Arts Trust

Edward Lambert

Michael Berkowitz

Azura Farid

Becca Williamson

Jose Hong

Mimi Doulton

Francesca Chiejina

Jennifer Williamson

Hazel Williamson

And two anonymous donors

BBC Music Magazine Choice of the Month

“a perfect hoot - should appeal to opera buffs and phobics alike. Special congratulations to the talented polyglot and species-fluid cast.”

- Audience feedback

“Creative storytelling at its best... beautifully sung, well orchestrated and fun.”

- The Audience Club

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