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Virtually Opera- Five Year Plan

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At the end of our ​2021 evaluation, we set our goals for 2022:


1. Create a ‘calling card’ show

Virtually Opera will reach its 6th birthday in 2022. Based on the foundations laid down in that half-decade, Virtually Opera should seek to use
Come Bargain With Uncanny Things as a calling card and the foundation of a long-term career in opera. Efforts should be made to secure reviews, attendance by potential producers and funders, award numbers, and audiences in sufficient numbers to break even.


2. Bring in a producer

A specialist producer would help streamline the company’s activities, and allow the Artistic and Musical Directors to focus on their respective areas of expertise.


3. Create regular content (and income)

The tools for improvised opera have been honed by
Come Bargain With Uncanny Things and are ready for use to generate regular content. As part of the lead in to the anticipated performances in late 2022, these tools should be used to create online content.


4. Improve the diversity of audiences

Virtually Opera does well on matters of EDI, particularly in terms of reducing hierarchies within its company. However, a sustained focus on bringing in audiences from outside usual ‘opera’ audiences would help Virtually Opera achieve its goal of opera that is ‘open to all’, and help provide a stable financial future for the company.


5. Resource shows properly

As always, Virtually Opera should pay artists properly, and has a proud record in doing so, even when that limits the company's growth. In 2022, however, it should also strive to resource the whole show properly, ensuring adequate rehearsal time and production costs. This will ensure that
Come Bargain With Uncanny Things is the calling card the company needs to establish a long-term future in the operatic sector.

If you want to help, or join in - do feel free to get in touch!

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