Virtually Opera- Five Year Plan

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After Series 2 was finished, we felt we had a good idea of what we wanted to do. So we wrote our Mission Statement, and made a plan for the next five years of filming.

Core Aims

- Build a core company to work with on all our projects, with the skills we need 

- Continue experimenting with different operatic fusions and styles onstage and off it.

- Start filming with larger instrumental ensembles.

Year One 2018/2019

- Pay everyone involved in Series 3 (3-6 films)

- Tour 'The Perfect Opera'

- Give up to twelve composers a paid commission to write an episode of Virtually Opera

Year Two 2019/2020

- Film Series 4 (3-6 films)

- Film the newly-commissioned episodes

- Commission a new chamber opera

Year Three 2020/2021

- Film Series 5 (3-6 films)

- Film a chamber opera in full

- Develop the new chamber opera

Year Four 2021/2022

- Film Series 6 (3-6 films)

- Film the new chamber opera

- Commission a new movie-length opera

Year Five 2022/2023

- Film Series 7 (3-6 films)

- Film a full-length opera written for screen.

If you want to help, or join in - do feel free to get in touch!