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2023: Aren’t I Great? Look At Everything I’ve Done!

[Lights up; bright, peppy. Colourful outfits.]

Look at all the amazing things I’ve done in 2023!

I got appointed as Associate Creative Director for a residential immersive experience company!

I continued working as Marketing Director of Tête à Tête, on our first festival post-pandemic restrictions!

I got work for 2024!

But don’t worry: there’s still room in the diary if you want to hire, commission, or otherwise give me money!

[Transition to dingy dive bar; noir vibes - costumed not as the detective, but the nobody sitting at the bar, ready to be hit with a bottle.]

But these posts are a genre in their own right.

And posts mocking them are a genre in their own right. A genre of self-deprecation, raging against the industry.

I suspect, if you look far enough, even this meta approach is within an established genre.

2023: a year where I was offered and then rescinded a job within an 8-hour window.

Where so many unsolicited emails were sent, and didn’t get responded to.

Where I became aware that once, I’d said there was a cut-off point: when I reached a certain age, I’d have to decide whether or not to stick with this industry. And that point was within a year.

So I’d quite like some more stable work. Reaching the point where I have decent craft, only to have to move into a field with regular work, would be agonising.

But what isn’t?

[Smash-cut back to the peppy scene.]

I’ve seen some great shows and great people this year!

Particular highlights include Dialogue des Carmelites (Barry Kosky), Operation Mincemeat, War and Culture (New Diorama), and (though I’m a bit embarrassed to say it) The Mousetrap, which holds up remarkably well!

People have been really supportive and nice!

Please give me work!

Look at all the amazing things I’ve done in 2023!

[The sequence continues in a hellish loop until the performer collapses from exhaustion.]


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