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Five Reasons Why You Should Come To The Interactive Soup

Updated: Aug 7

The Interactive Soup is tomorrow.

You might want to book your place now.

It’s a chance to see five exciting ideas come out into the world, get feedback from people across the sector, and give feedback and get a sense of what’s coming up.

So to support that, book a place now.

It’s a chance for people from across the sector to come together, talk about what they’re working on, seek opinions, advice, and mutual support.

So to be a part of that, book a place now.

All the money goes into the pot for people pitching, meaning that if you can’t come, you can still donate to support that work.

So if you want to support it, you can do that now.

There’s also great soup, and the chance to spend some time in great company.

Which is possible elsewhere, but you can still book a place now.

Finally: it’s made by volunteers, from the soup to the idea to every bit of making it happen. It’s a model that might help the interactive immersive sector stay as fringe-y and mutually-supportive as it currently is, even as big commercial players start looming as large over us as the West End looms over fringe musical theatre and plays.

So if you want to be a part of that, book a place now.

A dark room; four people sit around a table and talk; behind them, a hooded figure lurks in a lit triangle.
My own little contribution to interactive theatre.


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