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I’ve been selected for a residency! (Fancy dropping by?)

I am delighted to say that I’ve been selected for one of Theatre Deli’s London Classic Residencies.

I’ll be spending two weeks developing my interactive immersive show Paradise Craved. Sometimes described as ‘sad angel chess’, it’s an interactive immersive ritual about belonging, doomed fights against higher powers, and trying to survive being lost in the city.

Drawing on Paradise Lost, mixed heritage experience, and Abrahamic angelologies, the audience join the unwinnable war, and explore how we bear losing.

There will be two chances to drop by during the residency:

Open Day: 26th October, 10:00-18:00, Theatre Deli. Open doors for anyone to wander in for as long or as short as they like and throw thoughts at me, talk about the project, possibly (horribly) meet new people. Maybe read some Milton together, or try things out.

Sharing: 2nd November, 14:00-16:00, Theatre Deli. Trying to convey the main show, whatever that's going to be.

In the morning I may be testing little sections of it, if that’s an easier or more appealing space to be in.

If you want to come to the sharing, do get in touch. First come first served. Unless you’re a Very Important Producer Or Possible Collaborator, in which case, last come, still served, and I live in the knowledge that most of my close friends and colleagues understand that I might need to bump them from their seat.

[If you are reading this and know someone who might be interested, please do pass the invitation along.]

For now, I’m looking forward to sharing this with you, and will hope to see some of you there. Thank you to Theatre Deli for the opportunity, and I’ll try to do them proud.

But to end with a beginning:

Among various worlds, we meet an angel, sat onstage with cobbled-together wings made out of scraps of cheap magazines, and leaflets. It gestures at a chess board and says:

“Be not afraid.

“Please be not afraid.

“I know am not what I was.”

An angel stands on a crag overlooking an idyllic waterfall. Lithograph.



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