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Living As A Cyborg

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Recently, I read Haraway's excellent book "Staying with the trouble: making kin in the Chthulucene."

Excellent used deliberately. Would strongly recommend it as a book to offer new patterns of thought.

But this is mostly picking up on something in the text which made me reconsider my concept of self. That is to say, I am reliant on technology to a glorious extent. Specifically, the technology of my glasses.

Without them, I cannot see, and therefore cannot function. I cannot read, properly interpret faces, or direct.

I am so thoroughly integrated with this technology that I never question not having it with me. I mostly forget it is there, unlike my phone and laptop, which are ever-lingering presences.

I am aware that this technology changes how I am seen - I am seen as more intelligent, older, and more trustworthy because of it. I can add to, alter and reduce this effect depending on the precise form of glasses-technology I use.

Given this, I would love to have a more... insightful reassessment of things. I think, perhaps, it is a sudden realisation that I am unable to escape the technological world in any meaningful way, except through semi-blindness of permanent blur.

I wonder if I have such a connection with any part of nature. If there is any creature, plant, or otherwise that I am so deeply integrated with as a human.

I think of the sprawling microorganisms that form my internal biome, symbiotes with me, and answer the question.

But other than that, for now it's really just a book recommendation, and a brief dribble of thoughts.



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