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The World No Longer Needs Political Poems

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

And yet, today seems the right day for this doodle.

Half a lie, half a lie,

Half a lie onwards,

Bringing the valley of Death

Rode the tiger-riders.

"Power!" was the leader's cry,

They could have reasoned why,

They could have made reply,

They chose to let you die,

Bringing the valley of Death,

Rode the tiger-riders.

Warnings in the past for them,

Warnings left and right for them,

Warnings in front of them,

But they were 'wiser.'

Scorned morals they could quell,

Sold out with ev'ry cell,

Into the grift of Death

Rode the tiger-riders.

Flash'd all their lack of care,

Trashed truth and left it there,

They opened the tigers' lair,

Unleashed a monster while

Sure they were insiders.

Said "it's only a joke,"

Swore ev'ry oath they broke,

Spoke words just to provoke

The tigers kept at their heels,

Web-weaving spiders.

Did not speak out for those

Not tiger-riders.

None left to speak for them,

Not if, but only when

Tigers behind them

Roar ever wider;

Scorned now the tiger's out,

They who brought this about

Run from the jaws of Death.

All the lies, back again,

Silence the desperate shout -

All that was left of them,

Once tiger-riders.

Honour the brave and bold!

Those folk who did not fold;

Yea, when we all are old,

This tale will still be told:

Et by the tigers they rode,

Are all tiger-riders.

This escaped tiger (c. 1870) has more reason to be vexed.


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