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To A Broody Hen

Get out the nesting box.

No, you can’t keep the egg. The egg is mine.

And besides, other chickens might need the nesting box.

How dare you even think you’d get to stay there.

The egg is mine.

It’s why we let you use the hen house at all.

You thought you were going to have a family?

You can’t. We won’t allow it. To have a family you’d need to keep the eggs, and meet a cockerel, and neither of those things is about to happen.

We could allow it, but we won’t. You’re going to lay eggs until we don’t need you to, or you die.

We’ll even let you live a bit past you stop being productive. Won’t be much of a life, but nor is your life now.

I suppose you could run off and try to find another life. But where?

You going to make a nest beneath that tree? Already belongs to someone, and I doubt they want a chicken.

The other side of the heath? Same again.

There’s nowhere you can go we don’t already own.

I see this as a pretty sweet deal. You get food and water and shelter, which means you have a much longer life than normal; I mean, than if we took them away… I suppose we could, but we get your eggs.

Just don’t have ideas above your station, like “I might want to sit here, be comfortable, hatch the egg, and have a family.”


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