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12-Handed Monopoly: A LARP of capitalism, revolution, and blatant theft

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I haven’t always been a game designer, or creator of interactive experiences.

But when I was a child, there was a promise on a box I’d like to revisit.

Monopoly: 3-12 players.

I increasingly suspect that this is a false memory. I cannot find any obvious reference to there being any more than 10 players. Which seems reasonable.

However, my fantasy remains: what might one do with 12-player Monopoly?

Destroyer of Christmasses.

Relentlessly imbalanced in favour of the first player.

Invariably descending into attritional play that isn’t very fun for either players or spectators.

Today, I answer in the invariable manner of game designers: add more rules.

And interactive theatre makers: add character and narrative aims.

So here we are: 12-handed Monopoly, trying to keep to the original satirical bent while also making it a bit more entertaining to watch/play.

A house sitting on a tower high above the trees.
Maybe the game works. Maybe it doesn't. Who knows?


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