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Come Bargain With Uncanny Merch

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I’m still not quite accepting that Come Bargain With Uncanny Things might yet return; there’s a market for it, and it’s quite desirable.

That means I get to start talking about something we’ve joked about within the cast before - merchandise.

So, here’s seven ideas to get started. But before I start, ask yourself what you’d want.

Then let me know. Because there’s likely to be a fundraising drive at some point.


High-quality prints of our types of Uncanny Thing posters, or our warning posters, or something else.

Buy just one, or get the full set of seven Uncanny Things for a slightly lower unit price.


With the same; people like the artwork. Or maybe “Wear a mask: The Uncanny Things Like Teeth” as a shirt might be nice.

Or even a face mask!

Desktop Wallpapers

I see this in Kickstarters a lot. Not sure why. But if people would like it?

Divination Cards

Carol has her set of special cards. We could most certainly try to make some more for people.


Come Bargain With Uncanny Things has a delightful range of textbooks, novels, folk story collections, and so on to fuel it.

Maybe we could do a run of some of them, for homely delight?

Teeth Jewellery

Rings? Necklaces? Bracelets?

I mean, we have literally hundreds of teeth; I’m pretty sure we could do this.

Dinner With The Uncanny Thing

Now, this is a high-end fundraising offer. But, based on some intriguing comments, I reckon there’s a market for dining with an eldritch creature.

And I reckon I could persuade the actor to do that for a sufficiently large donation, even if the location of the event might be… disquieted by the end.

Would any of these things tempt you to part with a bit of money?

What would?

We’ll look forward to making some of these, and seeing you all soon.

A standing figure in a beige coat and a seated person in a white shirt look over an array of papers on a table.
Gabriel Erikson and Carol consulting about various documents... and merchandise?


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