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Coming To Paradise: Gulf, and what we cannot know

During Paradise Craved, the audience are occasionally plunged into darkness; a space known as Gulf.

A really valuable question asked by one of my test audience members was ‘what unknowable things determine this show?’

It is very much a show rooted in pieces that rhyme, not explicit narrative and detailed canon. The aim is to thread those pieces into a single necklace.

Thus there are places where there is the unknowable; where we are listening to the echoes and looking at the reflections of something we cannot comprehend. There is a vastness ahead to grapple with.

That said, there are some explicit ongoing questions that are interesting.

How does the angel welcome its guests?

Where are there moments of peace and anguish?

How best can the angel guide its guests?

Where does the angel find delight and generosity?

How can I make it beautiful every time?

There is, somewhere in the shadows, a feeling I want to express about the desperate craving. The sense of bearing the unwinnable struggle.

We’re getting there sometimes. Now to get there every time.

A figure with long dark hair, a purple shirt-jacket over a brown dress, and wings made of metal, string, and paper walks towards a table under theatrical lights.


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