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Daily Blogging: A Reflection

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I am very much a writer/director.

I’m not a critic.

So I’m going to quietly reflect on blogging every advent calendar day, since it seems appropriate.

1. I’m tired.

Each blog takes me at least an hour to write. They eat time and concentration. I’ve got a stack of blogs I didn’t use, and may never write.

Partly because some of the online culture does leave me frankly worried of having opinions that will cause me more trouble than they’re worth.

2. Daily writing is bad for you

The rapid turnaround means that some blogs have been less considered than I’d like.

Those that articulate thoughts I’ve been nurturing for a while have been fine, while others are initial explorations that I might normally let digest for days, weeks, or months.

This is not good. While I’ve avoided the temptation of diving onto popular topics in the name of engagement, it’s always there.

3. Conversations are good

The benefit of daily writing has been that it’s led to a bit of discipline, expanded thoughts on topics I might leave to one side, and above all: conversations.

Writing about certain bits of work and my process has led to interesting discussions and note-comparing with people, and that’s been a genuine treat - so thanks to those who’ve been a part of that.

Especially to the one who offered me work based on one of the blogs. Rather an exciting thing too. More people should do that.

I’d definitely like to do more of this sort of critical writing, whether as an observer on someone’s process, or commissioned reflections on other people’s work.

Never reviewing. That’s an entirely different art, and one I think squares poorly with being a potential colleague.

But for now, I’m going to take a step back for some slower thinking and writing for the next few weeks. Hope you all have a good bank holiday.

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