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Hybrid Futures: Some Hypotheticals For Come Bargain With Uncanny Things

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

I’d like to, ideally, have Virtually Opera making regular shows, and work that is accessible for those not able to make our live shows.

So here’s some digital options:

1. The Uncanny Podcast

This is the one that would either be remarkably cheap, or awe-inspiringly expensive to do well.

But the show allows collaborative building, and it might be interesting to share some of that behind-the-scenes work to devise new stories on a regular basis.

I’m not sure it’s the most interesting.

2. Hybrid Shows

Alternatively, we could strive to create a version of the show where people can engage remotely, web-conferencing in.

I’ve seen a couple of shows do this.

The main challenge in it is that Come Bargain With Uncanny Things is deliberately designed to sculpt an atmosphere for its audience via environmental storytelling, sound, and other tools.

It’s via that shared space, and the physical experience of sound, that the magic happens.

It’s not just a proscenium-arch opera that can be easily streamed, for all the audience need do is sit and watch.

Leaving aside issues with sound quality.

It’s one that, if there are paths to it, I’d be intrigued by, but I’d need convincing that VO could do it well.

3. Come Bargain With Uncanny Streams

This is the one I think has most room for development: streaming a specially-created version of the show, with a lone bargainer and Uncanny Thing gathered to deal with situations.

Perhaps audience members could submit ideas about situations that might need dealing with, or otherwise join in the collaborative worldbuilding.

But by being online-only, there might be interesting things to do on the side of our uncanny world.

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