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Thank You For The Soup (An Anthem For Interactive Soup)

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

The Interactive Soup takes place 5 minutes from the Bank of England, deep within the City of London.

Given that it is a gathering of people dedicated to a strange, eccentric practice few outsiders understand, it seems lacking in an appropriately strange, cultish-yet-jolly drinking song.

This is that song:

[To the melody of any ballad]


We thank you for the company, The pitches and applause, The networking and hobnobbing, But we’re here for a cause:


For soup, for soup, for soup and bread,

And more democracy!

A bowl of soup for every head,

A votey soup-party!


We’ll hear what your idea’s about,

Ask questions kind and wise,

And you might ask us why we’re here,

And how we grant the prize:



And when one day you’re old and grey,

You might return once more,

And if some fry should ask you “why?”

Recite the ancient lore:


A photo of the riverside pillars of Somerset House, London. They are made of white stone.
Not the Bank of England, but close enough (Somerset House).

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