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Leo: A Plug

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Future Leo, here’s your one-minute pitch next time you have to give one:

I’m Leo, a writer, director, game designer and performer working in interactive theatre and opera, sometimes both at once. I like cults, forming live experiences for audiences, and larger-than-life or ritualistic work from sci-fi to horror.

Depending on budget, here's how you can support or work with me:

None: why not read my blog, where I often write about interactive theatre and opera? You might be interested in some of it.

Some: why not check out some of my game designs at Everything from Marxian hacks of Monopoly to ways to form Shakespearean epics, nothing more than ten pounds.

A bit: I write music for interactive shows - national anthems, background sounds, in-world pop songs. Would that help your world come to life?

Quite a bit: Why not hire me as a writer/director/dramaturge/performer?

LOADS: Here’s my wishlist. Make my dreams come true.

(Look, it’s worth a shot.)



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