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New dates!

Updated: May 11, 2019

Just a quick update on what's on when! (The London dates for Man & God have changed, and The Don In Drag has had dates confirmed - though still waiting for the venue to do their season announcement)

14th February 2019 - Man and God workshop, Leeds

4th May 2019 - The Tsar Gets His Photograph Taken, Bloomsbury Theatre

18th May 2019 - Man and God premiere, Bloomsbury Theatre

4th June 2019 - Singing and Scholarship, University College London

28th July-11th August 2019 - The Perfect Opera UK tour (venues TBA)

1st-7th September 2019 - The Don In Drag (venue TBA)

You can find more detailed information about these projects here:

This is not the venue. This is the Viennese opera house. I would love this to be the venue.


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