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New Ways To Stay In Touch

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

TL;DR: I now have a Mastodon account and a mailing list! The places to find me are here:

Sometimes, people in the arts talk about 'resilience' to mean 'ability to withstand the pressures of an arts career'.

Sometimes, it means 'capacity of a plan to adapt to failures elsewhere in the system'.

Given recent changes to Twitter to make it more amenable to fascists and bigots, and less useful for the purpose of reaching new people, I have decided to build in two pieces of resilience: a Mastodon account, and a mailing list.

Also, quite a few people have told me they've become regular readers of this blog (even recommending it to mutual friends), and therefore having a mailing list seems sensible.

You can choose between 'major updates' (show announcements, my eventual death etc.) and 'blog updates' (every time I release a new blog).

It'll likely take a while for Mastodon to replace Twitter as my go-to. Twitter is where all my various communities intermingle, for better and worse. But it's certainly very tempting as a place to slowly pivot towards and see if others follow.

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